Board of Directors

Your Board of Directors

VLJT is a Townhome community with a Homeowners' Association. The current five-member Board of Directors are your neighbors who are responsible for setting policies, making decisions and watching the interests of the community for all of the residents.  We do our best to choose the most prudent options made available to us, because, after all, we are affected in the same way as you by all decisions.

PRESIDENT: Heidi Meyer
714-404-6967 or [email protected]

VICE PRESIDENT: Cathy Colclasure
760-208-7257 or [email protected]

TREASURER:  Sue Rotunno
630-276-3068 or [email protected]

SECRETARY: Kurt Swanson
858-349-2545 or [email protected]

858-922-5127 or [email protected]

Moonstone Management and Consulting
Sean DeFreitas
888-662-4627 or [email protected]

You are invited to send an email to any and/or all Board Members by clicking on the email addresses listed above.