Neighborhood Info

Common Area Landscape

Please note that the area located in front of each of the homes, outside of your gated area, is considered common area and is maintained by the association. Per the rules of Vista La Jolla Townhomes, “Residents shall not alter the exterior of townhomes, exclusive use areas, common areas or driveways as they relate to painting, decorating or remodeling with prior approval of the Board…” In addition, the rules state that “Residents may place one single stepping stone in the shrubbery beds between the sidewalk and the front walkway.” Violation of this rule could result in being called to a hearing, possibly fined and/or the association removing any items that are placed in this area. Please keep in mind that just because you see others do things that are against the rules, does not make it okay for you to violate the rules.

Tennis Courts

As everyone knows, the tennis courts were recently re-surfaced and new benches, scoreboards and netting were installed. Since the re-model of the tennis courts, there have been issues with people misusing or damaging certain items in the tennis courts. Please help us maintain the quality of our new tennis courts.

If you see someone damaging or trashing the tennis courts, immediately report it to Management. Also, if you notice that there is an issue with the courts, such as the lights or gate locks, please notify Management immediately so we can get the issue resolved as soon as possible. If you wait to report the issue, it could cost us more money in the long run. If you do not report issues to Management, then we do not know when something is broken.

Please help keep our Community, tennis courts included, clean and presentable. If you see anyone doing something they shouldn’t be, please notify Management at 888-662-4627.

Vines / Climbing Plants

If you have any climbing vine plants on your property, please be advised that the vines must be trimmed back so they are not attached to any common wall or fence. All vines an plants in exclusive use areas must be kept neatly trimmed at all times.

Excessive Noise

Management and the Board would like to remind everyone that loud, offensive, obnoxious or late night party noise will not be tolerated. Excessive or loud party noise will result in fines being assessed. Please be kind to your neighbors and understand that noise travels throughout the Community.

Homeowners and Residents are advised to immediately call the SDPD non-emergency line at 619-531-2000 for disturbances that occur within the Community.


 Please pick up your trash!

There has been an increasing amount of trash found throughout the Community. Management and the Board would like to ask everyone to please pick-up after yourselves and do not littler, no matter how small it is! Various trash in the Community includes cigarette butts near the tennis courts, which really pollutes our Community and takes away from the charm and appeal of the neighborhood. Please be courteous of your neighbors and your Community and pick-up after yourself and your guests!

If you see anyone throwing their cigarette butts on the ground, please notify management!

Dog Waste

Please be sure to pick-up after your pet! If you are not picking up after your pet, you are not only violating the Rules & Regulations of Vista La Jolla Townhomes, but also creating detriment to the aesthetic appeal of our Community! Please do your part as a responsible pet owner and pick-up immediately after your pet.

Please help us keep the Community clean and promptly pick-up after your pet!


Please remember that the available parking spaces in the Community often fill up fast. With so few parking spaces, for so many homes, there are a few things we can do to maximize the spaces that we do have. The most obvious answer is to utilize your two car garage for parking two vehicles at all times. When it is necessary for you or your guests to park on the Community streets, please be sure to pull your vehicle all the way up to the beginning of the red curb. If a vehicle is already parked along the curb, please be sure to park as close as possible to that vehicle, while ensuring enough room for that vehicle to pull out of the parking space. Thank you for your help!


Emergency Numbers

San Diego Police Department – 619-531-2000
San Diego Fire Department – 619-533-4300