Vista La Jolla Townhomes

Please be sure to reference the Photographic Standards booklet, which can be found in the left hand drawer of the table, by the back door, in the Clubhouse. This booklet contains picture of the condition that the Clubhouse should be left in after your gathering. In addition, please make sure you thoroughly review the Rental Agreement and Clubhouse Information – which can be found below.

To reserve the Clubhouse, please contact Kurt Swanson at 858-349-2545.

Reservations may be made only by VLJT homeowners or by renters 25 years of age or older.

An advanced deposit of $250.00 is required. This deposit may or may not be returned, depending on the condition of the Clubhouse and pool area after your event.

Reservations require a three-day advance notice.

HOURS are the same for the swimming pool.

            7:30 AM – 10 PM Sunday through Thursday

            7:30 AM – 11 PM Friday and Saturday

NO SMOKING is permitted in the Clubhouse or swimming pool area. If your guests smoke, you will forfeit your deposit.

No glass is allowed in the pool area.

Inform your guests of San Diego’s Neighborhood Noise Ordinance. Loud or Boisterous behavior will not be tolerated. Please be considerate of other VLJT residents.

Should you find the water off in the Clubhouse and/or restrooms, immediately notify Kurt Swanson at 858-349-2545.

Vista La Jolla Townhomes Clubhouse


Clean and wipe all countertop surfaces in kitchen area.

Sweep and mop the floor.

Clean and wipe the refrigerator inside and out.

Clean and wipe the microwave.

Clean the walls, furniture and accessories of fingerprints, crumbs, splashes, stains, etc.

Return all furniture and accessories to their proper locations.

If you use the pool area, clean all tabletops, pick up litter and return tables and chairs to their proper locations.

If you use the spa, replace the spa cover.

If you use the gas grill, clean the grill and make sure the gas line along the wall behind the grill is turned off (perpendicular to the line).

Place all the trash in the black bin on the pool deck. If the bin is full, take the trash home with you for disposal.

Replace the plastic bag in the kitchen trash receptacle.

Lock all Clubhouse doors; including replacing the pin at the top of the sliding door.

NOTE: Vista La Jolla Townhomes is pleased to be able to offer this Clubhouse for your use and enjoyment. Please be courteous and respectful to our neighborhood and its amenities. We will not tolerate rude, inappropriate or inconsiderate behaviors. Violation of the Clubhouse Rental Agreement will result in your being banned from future use.

Vista La Jolla Townhomes

To Reserve the VLJT Clubhouse and/or Pool Area

An advance deposit of $250.00 is required.

Reservations must be made at least three days in advance of your event.

To reserve the Clubhouse or pool, call or email Kurt Swanson at 858-349-2545 [email protected].

No smoking is allowed in the Clubhouse and neither smoking nor glass containers are allowed in the pool area.

Please avoid loud or boisterous behavior. Please be considerate of other VLJT residents.


The San Diego Police Department has notified Vista La Jolla Townhomes and other San Diego neighborhoods of a new noise ordinance design to crack down on noisy partiers.

According the police department spokeswoman Monica Munoz officers will issue a citation and a $1,000 fine if noise from a gathering can be heard 50 feet away. This includes gatherings at residences and at neighborhood pools and clubhouses.

Tickets will be issued to the responsible party where the disturbance is taking place. If police return to the same location for a second time, jail time may result.

Previously, police did not have the right to issue citations, Munoz said.

The department’s neighborhood code compliance group, which is civilian staffed, will be responsible for following up on the citations issued.

Please call the Police Department at (858) 484-3154 to report loud or boisterous activity within our Vista La Jolla Townhomes neighborhood.

And, of course, we know that since the CITY could potentially make $1,000 per call, their response time should be immediate.


To reserve the Clubhouse, please click on the button to the right for the Reservation Form.